Sunday, January 9, 2011

Something's gotta give.

Okay, it's time to step back and take a fresh new look at things. The blog has gone to a spot where I didn't ever want it to go. It's become that blog, you know, the one that's so sad no one really wants to read it? Yeah. That.

Bella would have never wanted this to be how I spent my free time - blogging only about my sadness at her loss, depriving the public eye (or would it be considered ear, since you're "listening" to my stories?) of how awesome my other dogs are, or how happy I am with life because of them. They are what they are because of how I raised them, and I raised them how I did, because of how Bella changed me.

I'm not forgetting her, or pushing her aside. I'm simply rejoicing in what Bella left me with - two amazing dogs, including Psyche, who she whipped into shape to be the emotional crutch I needed after her loss, and to become the best friend I didn't know I needed.

So enough is enough. No more overwhelming sadness. Sure, there will be sad posts, after all, I'm mourning the loss of a best friend, but I want this to be a place of joy - joy for the life I have now, the friends I have, the dogs I love, the family I rely on, the person I am today because of Bella, and the joy at ever having known Bella at all, because I can promise you, there are others in the world who have never known a dog like Bella, and there are people in the world who had the chance to know a dog like Bella, and love her, and have with her what I was given, and they passed her by.

A place of joy. A place to remember the one who made us, and look out onto the horizon of our futures, together as a team.

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