Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Pye K9 Kapers Trial

Psyche and I headed out to our club's trial this past weekend. They were having a Steeplechase Friday night then full days Saturday and Sunday, so after Psyche's last trial  I decided to only enter her in one event per day and to try and avoid places where I knew she stressed a lot more. So basically, no standards. Standards have weaves and tables and we hate those. Well, okay, at home we don't hate those. We loves those at home, actually. But at trials we hate those.

So anyway. Steeplechase friday night went surprisingly well! I am so proud of my baby girl for that run alone. She was eager to go into the ring, PULLING ME THERE! And she was happy even when I took her back and made her redo obstacles she missed. I didn't see her even start to hesitate until the jump after the weaves, but I figure that was because a) I was getting tried at that point and b) that was two "corrections" in a row, so might have been a little hard on her ego.

Saturday was one jumpers run. Last class of the day. So I took pictures all day until it was time for our run. What a brilliant run! I am so proud of her. She was happy and comfortable in the ring and really bootin' er. Look at her go! And look at that, clean and under time -- her first Starters Jumpers Q and a 1st place! She was the only dog in regulars open to Q! That means we have Gamblers, Snookers and Jumpers Qs now!

Sunday was another jumpers course and really nice. Just one refusal because I wasn't where I needed to be, all my fault. Psyche was having SO MUCH fun. You could really tell. No video from Sunday because of a camera issue. She ended the run with one refusal and under time, giving her a 2nd place out of three dogs! I am so proud of her for this weekend. Man. Just wow.

I always hoped I'd get runs like that out of Psyche at a trial. And it felt so great finally getting them. It was just so nice to have "normal dog" issues at a trial. Refusals, over time, etc. those I can handle. They're so much better than stress. I honestly thought for a long time that Psyche was just never going to be a trial dog. But this weekend gave me some hope that things could be different!

We have another trial on the 23/24th of June. Lots of games. I think two standard runs all weekend is all. We're doing the full weekend, but I am hoping that with most of them being games we'll have a good weekend again. So excited.