Sunday, January 16, 2011


Another morning spent at the agility barn. Psyche was 100% amazing, besides literally running into the jump standard twice. I had thrown her toy and she went into it. Same jump, too. *shakes head* No one ever said she was smart, just easy to train and speedy!

She was so great today! I was very impressed with her. She's turning out to be an amazing dog. An agility friend of ours even ran her today, and she went with her, no issues. Little Dog's gonna be a Jr. Handler dog someday!

Zoey was pretty impressive today, too. We worked some on "go see!" where I let her go visit with people, but when I say her name, she comes back.

Anyway, after we got home from agility today, I let Psyche play with her new favorite thing... the HUGE tennis ball I bought for her!

So that's more or less the story. I've been pretty tired lately, so pretty depressed and thinking and crying about Bella a lot, so I held off on blogging until I had something extra happy to talk about.

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