Monday, July 23, 2012

Waah, mobile post!

Typing this on my cellphone so please excuse any and all typos.

Just a quick update on what's going on.

Psyche rocked her last trial! 3/7 Qs, and some really beautiful moments over the span of the weekend. Her first full trial in a while. Oh! And she got top Starters dog on Saturday; so proud of her for that. She got her first Standard Q, with a beautiful table, and nice weavies. And a snooker and jumpers Q put her into Advanced Snooker and Jumpers. She only needs a few more Qs (one gamble and one standard) for her first title (SGDC) and two more standards for her second title (ADC). So proud of her.

Crash is a beast in training. He's starting to offer distance and rarely goes around any jumps and never goes under the bars anymore, and is jumping all 22 inch jumps. We started a 2 foot dog walk last night and by the end of the session he was running the full length of the dog walk with me standing still. He has no end behaviour, but we will get it... Trying to decide if maybe I want to train a running.

Simi is doing really well in classes and is starting to get a little more oomph to her work. She's starting to seem like she's enjoying herself. She also turned 10 months old yesterday! I'm going to try to get a photoshoot done of her. She's so pretty and grown up now, but still a baby where it matters.

And my mom bought a van, so now I can travel all of my big dogs, not like the HHR, so booyeah.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

It's been a while.

Wow, haven't really updated in a while, my bad. So this thread is going to be a mess of things that have happened in the last month since I've posted.

Hmm, where to start. We'll start with me, cause I'm selfish and self centered! I graduated college (my photography class) on the 27th. Ended the year on Honors, got a cool cord because of it, and finished the program with something like a 3.85something average. Boo yeah! I also had my friend Diane visiting me from the 16th to 30th. That was mucho fun. She's another agility person so it was cool to have someone to train with and offer new ideas and suggestions. I'm still currently jobless and it's making my mom crazy, which is in turn making me crazy, but I'm looking. I've been doing C25k and was starting week 3 when Diane came and ended up putting it on hold for the two weeks she was here, and so am now starting again, but back at week 1, day 1. Oh well. Hm, that's about it for me, that doesn't involve the dogs!

Now for Psyche. Psyche and I didn't go to that trial I mentioned because we were having car issues. But we've got another one planned for next weekend. Full weekend, lots of games. I'm really excited. I finally took the dogs out to the docks! Psyche loves it and started jumping off the first time out, and has every time I've taken her after that too. And her jumping keeps getting better. Less going under water now. She's even to the point where she will jump off before you throw the stick, woot! In terms of her agility we have been doing lots of fun little sessions. Been working on a "dig" command which is basically for wrapping around jumps, I guess? Using it for her threadles. It's coming along nicely. She's so happy and confident in training; really loving it. Tonight I'm taking her out to a club training night to work on a Snookers course (good cause we have a snookers or two this weekend and if she gets a Q we'll be in Advanced *gulp*) and I'm excited to see how she works there.

Crasher has also seriously started some agility stuffs. I've put his weaves on hold because I want to start over and get more motion without ME moving from him. No big deal, really. He's been doing lots of box work and pinwheels. But straight lines too and starting to work a little more on distance. He's doing great. Needs some circle work stuff, though, as he's starting to cut behind me a lot (bad dog!) but I knew he needed more circle work and haven't done it with him (bad handler!). He's also been out to the docks with me a few times and isn't really one for swimming... he likes wading. I'm going to get him a life jacket and see if that helps. He WANTS to jump, he does, but he's scared. Haha. He's fallen off a few times (stands on the edge of the dock chasing his tail, falls in) and always swims out like nothing happened so I know he CAN swim, just needs to get more comfortable.

Ah now for the Simi. She's still a Satan spawn. But I still love her. She's doing well in agility class. Still not eager to tug or play really, but much more focus now and she's getting way more comfortable. We started them on a raised plank a few weeks back and Simi LOVES it. She will jump right up, RUN across it and jump right off, turn on it in both directions, etc.. No fear of it at all. Very proud of her for that, since she's mostly a little fearful of life, haha. We started the bang game last week, too, and again, no fear. Also started some 3 jump jump grids. She was struggling a little bit in class (since it's a release to a toy) but she would drive over to the toy and then look to me for the treat, so I can deal with that. Need some work. I started her yesterday on the flirt pole. That was fun! She loves it and it tires her out -- double win! Yesterday I only used one toy on it and didn't ask for anything from her besides her chasing it. Today I took her out and started asking for some sit stays/down stays between chases and she was all for it, although a little confused at first as to why she actually had to DO something. I also tried three different toys on it today and she chased all three. After that she was willing to tug one on one with me with all three toys -- boo yeah! Way to go, demon dog! After that we did some circle work, which she was kinda not into, but she was also tired at that point, and then we did some of those 3 jump jump grids (don't worry, in class they're only jump bumps and at home only 6 inch jumps). She did GREAT! She was holding her stay (for the most part; need to work on that) and she was running to the tug, getting it and tugging with me. I was also able to send her out over them to the tug, wahoo! She's come a long way, that's for sure.

Zoey is, of course, enjoying her retired life. Her days are full of urgent matters, sock hunting and sun bathing, and that's just how she likes it.
So yeah. That's about it... or at least all I can think of right now. Besides, this is pretty long already.