Friday, January 1, 2010

Gyp found a new home....

As sad as I feel for it being Bella's fault she had to be rehomed, life has been easier since Gyp went to her new home.

A family of 4 from a french community about 2 hours away took her. The parents both jog daily, and the girls were very good with her. Patient and loving. They came to meet her, and as soon as they left to think about if they wanted her or not, the family all decided that they'd be a great fit for Gyp. Dad didn't like the idea of getting rid of her, but he knew it was for the best, since there's no way we could have rehomed Bella, she would have had to be put to sleep.

We got an e-mail from the family the night they arrived home with her, they had stopped and bought toys, treats, collars, and leashes for her on the way home, and when they got home, Gyp decided on her favorite spot in the house - in front of the fire.

She seems to be doing well, and I'm glad about that.

As for Bella, she's doing well too. She's not in her crate as much now that Gyp's gone, and she's getting along great with all the other dogs, like we knew she would. She's got some chasing Tinky (mom's Mini Aussie) issues, but she just chases her, never tackles her, and we're working on that in our own method until I have a chance to try the Control Unleashed DVD/Book Set on her.

Happy New Year, everyone!


  1. Hey, this is Nat (MightyMikaAgility) from AJWW.

    It sounds like the re-homing worked out best for everyone, especially Bella and Gyp. I bet Gyp will be happy in her new home. I love those win-win situations ;) you made the right decision!

    CU is SO AWESOME. I got the book for Christmas and finished it a couple days ago. Honestly it's my favourite dog book now, well, tied with Shaping Success. A lot of the stuff is almost identical to what I did with Mika's extreme reactivity to other dogs, but it also has other great exercises that will help me now with Wall-e's reactivity to loud/unexpected noises.

    Happy New Year to you and the pack too!


  2. Hey Nat,

    Re-homing Gyp was what was best, I really do think. She was always a very attention grubby dog, and we just aren't the type of people for 'snuggly' dogs, and she didn't get as much attention as she needed.

    I've read CU, and I LOVE the book, but I need the visual aid of the DVDs, I think... And the methods will probably (I hope) help with Bella's issues, and probably benefit all the other dogs in a way, too.

    - Shay