Thursday, January 14, 2010

Food Tube!

Today I was working Psyche on her distance work for agility using a tennis ball (the hollow kind) with an X/t cut into it, the inside washed and wiped out, and then treats put into it. Psyche likes toys, but she always looses focus for them, so I've been using the tennis ball with the treats to try to get her more motivated for it as a reward for agility - because as of now, she'll only do agility for a stick. So, after trying this, I thought I'd try Bella with a food tube.

I took Bella out, just worked on some circle work, sit, stay, down stay, etc., and then used the tube as a reward. She LOVES it. Took her a few tries to realize "Oh, I can put it in my mouth? Cool!" and then she was barreling after it and coming back to me with it. Good Dog!

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