Monday, April 23, 2012

If this was a taste...

I'd like an order, please!

Tonight was Simi's first agility class. It's an intro to agility class and so it's really basic foundation stuff. But still really good for Simi. She was a little freaked out at first in meeting Erin (who is teaching the class) but warmed up, then had a little moment with her shoulder and Erin and that was bad, but I think we set things right after (with both, I hope -- sorry again, Erin!). In terms of the other dogs, she did pretty well. There's a pug in our class that she's a little iffy about, as she has been before with the squishy faced dogs, but we'll work on it.

We started with tugging after introductions and Simi was really good. She can sometimes be a little slow to catch onto her tug, but she was really going for it tonight. After that we did some circle work, which she did okay at, but not great. But it'll get better, I know it. Then it was time for recalls and I was worried Simi would want to go over to the Pug, but she did REALLY well. I am super proud of her. Next comes tugging and collar grabs, which honestly, I didn't understand, but I was told that Simi's used to it and what we were doing (throwing the toy, holding her back, amping her up with a collar grab, releasing to the toy and tugging) was more advanced, so we mostly just did some of that. Then we moved to release word work, releasing with only the word, no movement of the body. And she did well with this, too, but was starting to get tired and totally didn't want to hold her sits or downs.

I noticed a huge up in her focus and enthusiasm when my speed was up and that makes me pretty excited. The moment I move faster than a walk she perks up and is like "oh yeah, it's go time." So that makes me really excited. All in all, if this was a taste of what agility with The Simi is going to be like, I'm super stoked.

Stay tuned for more updates. :)

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