Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Two Months

I can't even fathom the idea that I've been without my Bella for two hole months as of today, but it has. In a way, I can't believe it's been two months already, but at the same time, I feel like it's been ages since I've seen my Boo and I miss her like crazy. I still sometimes feel like this isn't real and I've just sent her to stay with someone else for a long time; a part of me is still waiting for her to come home. Today is one of those days where it just doesn't seem real. How is it possibly real that my baby girl, who taught me so much and means so much to me is actually gone from this world? Just so unreal to me. And I wish it weren't real.

My thoughts lately have not only been of Bella, but also of a few friends of mine who recently lost their loved ones. It saddens me to say that Bella has friends playing with her now, but it only saddens me because I now have friends here on earth, missing them. Duke, a young German Shepherd, taken way too soon from his momma. Koda, an Australian Shepherd who's momma made the decision to end his suffering and see him free. And so many others who I'm sure have been lost within the past two months.

My heart goes out to anyone who said goodbye to a best friend, ever. I know that it's a tough situation. And to the people who have just recently said goodbye, know that it gets easier. Not easier to not think about them, or to not miss them, but easier to look back and love the moments you had and cherish the memories you were given. After two months I have days where I can finally look back at pictures and videos of Bella and instead of sobbing and hating that she's gone, I can look at them and smile because Bella was a goof, and she was perfect, and amazing, and she was my Boo, and I'll miss her forever, but at least I have a reason to miss her - I knew her, and that in itself is amazing.

Think today of your lost loved ones, and don't dwell that they're gone, but be happy that they lived, and that you were lucky enough to not only know them, but to love them.

Boo, I miss you more then anything in the world, know that you're always on my mind, and you're a being who came into my life and did amazing things. For that I'll forever owe you, and I will never forget you, and all that you've done for me.

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