Monday, December 21, 2009

The Elephant in The Room.

It's time for this blog to look at the elephant in the room, and discuss it a little more.

The elephant is, of course, putting Bella to sleep.

I know in one of my previous posts, I was very blunt about her being put to sleep, and if you read my posts on AJWW (, you'll read that I'm very blunt and to the point about having her put to sleep there as well.

Do I want to put Bella down - of course not. However, I see Bella's issues as a serious problem, and if they continue and I can't control them, she will be put to sleep. I've come to accept it, and I think it's something that any readers need to accept as well. What Bella and I are going through right now is really tough, and it's very serious. I love Bella to death, but I know that if it comes to it, she needs to be put to sleep.

So, I apologize if it bothers you when I speak so easily of putting my heart dog down, but it's easier for me, and better for Bella, if I think about putting her down in a very straight forward manner, because it's that or have a break down every time I think about putting her down. Right now I just need to work on the problem at hand, and enjoy the time I've got with Bella, in case it's cut short by years.

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