Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Circle Work, Racing to The Tug and Release Word!

Tonight things didn't work out that I got all the training in that I'd planned, which meant I didn't get any crate games in, but I DID get some circle work, racing to the tug and worked on her release word work in.

Her release word was much better tonight. I took her outside with treats and a tug and sat her in a sit, led out, said "okay!" and on the first time, when she just happened to get up (I think the higher distraction of being outside played to my advantage because she was a little more cautious in her stay because there were so many fun things to do and smell!) I verbally praised and then gave her a treat when she got to me, then dropped the tug down to her reach and we had a play session. She liked that a lot, and I liked that she was able to use treats and a tug in that situation with ease. After that she caught on that "okay!" means break your stay and good things happen.

Circle work was... well, interesting. I mostly just ran around and praised and toy rewarded her for running with me. It's just the starting stages, so I'm not asking for too much, but she did well... I am, however, very out of shape.

Racing to the tug... oh, she loves that one! I hold her back, chuck her tug about 15 feet then hold her back and amp her up. I wait until she's really fighting me to go forward and release, then run beside her, sometimes let her get it first, sometimes I meet her at the toy and we tug from there. Always results in a game of tug, which she loves.

We also, among all of this, had a moment where while tugging I either stepped on her toe, or the tug hurt her little toofers or something, cause she let a little squeal out of her, then BAM without even thinking, she was back at the tug with even more gusto. That's a good thing, I reckon.

I'm very proud of her sessions tonight and yesterday. Little Puppy is very impressive.

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