Monday, June 20, 2011

Well, that's good...

I still stink at blogging, so good thing nothing's changed, I guess.

Anyway, so I've updated the blog again, with yet another hope of keeping the blog updated. For now, here's what's new.

I'm graduating High School on Thursday.

Tomorrow night is my prom, where I plan on taking Psyche as my date, wearing a cute bow tie to match my dress. Thursday's the graduation ceremony, and I get to do the salutatory speech, which I'm really stoked about. And then it's freedom, I guess. I'm really kind of nervous about being out in the "real world".

Psyche and Zoey are as quirky as ever, and enjoying life with a new brother. On April 23rd I met Psyche's full brother after being contacted by his momma, who couldn't keep him anymore. He met Psyche and they hit it off okay, and then on the 24th I brought him home as a "foster"... yeah, right. It was worth a try, at least.

He's here to stay now and even though Crash was a handful at first, I love the boy. And like my mom said, "we need at least one Problem Child." Since losing Bella he's been the biggest "challenge" I've been faced with, and honestly, it's been nice, in a crazy way.

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